Welcome to "Päk Nesil" Course Center

"Päk Nesil" Course Center, was established in 2012 March. Following the words of our Greatly Respected President "Young generation should learn languages in advanced level" we started to teach languages and computer Literacy to young generation living in Turkmenistan.

Our educational system is approved by Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan. We teach English, Russian, French and German languages. Moreover we have computer literacy courses! At the end of each course we give authentic certificates to successful students who finished our courses with good grades.

Start Learning with us!

Wide variety of courses and 3 different locations to study!

"Ýüpek Ýoly" Building

54 Yylgay Durdyyev str., (Halturin), 2nd floor

+993 12 75-49-00

"Rysgal" Building

25 Ankara str., The building near "Rysgalbank", 6th floor

+993 12 96-49-59

"Türkmen Balyk" Building

72 Andalyp str., "Türkmenbalyk" trading center, 3rd and 5th floors

+993 12 47-20-20